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Located in Keller, Texas, Battleground Fitness is a private training studio focused on physical fitness in a safe environment.


For over 3 years, Battleground Fitness has provided personal training services to Keller, Fort Worth, Southlake, and the surrounding areas. What makes Battleground Fitness different than the big box fitness centers is clients receive one-on-one training, encouragement, and accountability.  

Sick and tired of trying to work out on your own? Through with trying new diets, routines, and workout fads with no results? Contact us to see how we can help you meet your fitness goals.  Just for trying us out, you'll get your first two sessions free! But, we have a feeling you'll love the results your seeing!



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300 N. Main St.
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M-F 5a–9p
Sa 7a–6p
Su 11a-2pm

All times subject to change based on client appointments.


All of our trainers are certified with rigorous testing and training - not to mention years of personal experience. Battleground fitness is different from the big box training gyms, and our trainers are at the heart and soul of that difference.  Each trainer has a different background and story that they bring to the Battleground Fitness team.  Take a moment to meet our trainers by clicking on their picture.

Battleground Sports Performance Training

We provide athletes of all ages affordable access to a professionally built strength and conditioning program. Our GAINZ program (Sports Performance) relies on proven methods and proper movement patterns to optimize your athlete’s results. Each workout contains sport-specific injury prevention movements, targeted toward the most at-risk areas for each sport.

Key ingredients to our methods

  • Compound movements and lifts including explosive exercises and Olympic Lifts, proven to translate to better athleticism.
  • Developing and enhancing speed, quickness and agility.
  • Biomechanical markers to break down sprint form and teach the proper way to run. (Run Right) The earlier we can utilize these techniques the better!
  • Focus on injury prevention and structural development.

Our Sports Performance training also incorporates game-oriented drills that will simulate game-speed training.  First step quickness is critical in athletics.  We teach our athletes to utilize their body dynamics to initiate a faster more efficient first step.  Connecting the upper and lower body is important. Therefore, we incorporate core training in every session as well. Lastly, flexibility allows the body to move freely without resistance.  We finish all classes with stretching and Core Cool-down.

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At Battleground fitness, we believe that we can have a larger impact on the world around us than just fitness. That's why we created a non-profit organization called Yonder Life. Located in Uganda, Yonder Life is all about partnering with local community leaders, teachers, and social workers to identify vulnerable families, empowering them toward sustainability. To find out more about Yonder Life and how you can help, visit our website at