Adam Young

Certifications: PFTA Certified Personal Trainer and CPR/AED

Adam grew up in Utah where he enjoyed snowboarding, hiking, rock climbing, and competitive mountain biking. Adam served active duty in the United States Marine Corps for 17 years and has obtained his black belt in the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program.

He is an NPC Men’s Physique competitor, taking 3 places in his first competition in 2017. He loves a physical challenge and is always setting new goals for his own fitness. Combining his knowledge of physiology, exercise, and nutrition, Adam designs individual programs for each client based on their health needs and personal goals.

Adam is highly motivated and loves to see others succeed. His enthusiasm is contagious and he encourages his clients to give their best effort continuously for overall health improvement.

If you care about your body, you won’t come up with excuses. I care about my health and love helping other people.
— Adam Young