Brayden Brewer

Certifications: PFTA (Certified Personal Trainer)

Brayden has been an athlete his entire life. He's known from the time he was in junior high that he would end up in the fitness industry. As soon as he had the opportunity to start his career, he took advantage of it!

Like many athletes I thought I knew what made the body respond the way I wanted it to, to reach my goals. As I went through PFTA's personal training school I realized the science and reasoning behind "why" the body responds the way it does to physical training and nutrition.
I've played many sports including football at Austin College in Sherman, TX, and I currently play competitive Rugby. I love working with all ages. Our youth athlete Sports Performance groups are my favorite. It's exciting to design and implement workouts that improve my client's footwork, balance, proper form, overall strength, speed, and focus as they strive to reach their goals. 

Like all of our trainers here at Battleground fitness, Brayden prioritizes his responsibilities with those young athletes and the influence he has on them - physically and mentally. The training doesn't stop when the session is over. He focuses on the work they are putting in at home and at school to be, not only the best athlete they can be, but the best person they can be.