Brian Carelock

Certifications: NASM (National Association of Sports Medicine), PES (Performance Enhancement Specialist)

Focus: Balance, Core, Cardio for Performance, Neuromuscular stretching, Reactive and Resistance Training.

My goal is to help you believe and achieve! It’s always my goal to design a fun and effective program that is tailored to each individual’s goal, because everyone is different. I won’t tell you that it’s going to be easy, just worth it!
— Brian

Sports and athletics have always been part of my life, as well as coaching. I've played football, track, basketball, and tennis in high school. I have also been a ski and martial arts instructor for over ten years! About eight years ago I took my love for sports and physical fitness to the next level by becoming a certified Personal Trainer. Not only do I like to help others achieve their fitness goals, but I have also lost over 55 lbs. by taking  my own personal fitness to another level. I now run several extreme obstacle races each year. I love teaching and helping people; being a trainer is a dream come true! I have worked with all types of people: youth, seniors, athletes, overweight, obese, and bodybuilders. I also specialize in dealing with injuries and breaking through each individual's plateaus. No one loves to workout, which is why I try and make it as fun as possible. I'm married with a four year old boy and a twelve year old stepdaughter. They are my world and we love spending time together and being active outdoors.