Chad Griffin

Owner of Battleground Fitness, Est. 2013

Certifications: PFTA (Certified Personal trainer), NASM (Certified Personal Trainer), NSCA (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist), CI (Boot Camp and Circuit Leadership), CI (Functional Fitness Training, and CPR/AED Certified

From playing college basketball back in the mid 90’s, teaching and coaching in Christian Education for 10 years, and personal training for 8 years, Chad has been in the middle of athletics, health, and fitness for well over 20 years. He has been married to Amy for 20 years. They have two beautiful children, Cade (16), and Alaina (11).

I love how God created our bodies to defend themselves through exercise and nutritious eating.

Chad personally trains individuals of all age groups. He owns the DFW location of PFTA certification schools. PFTA is a 12 week hands-on personal training certification school with classroom instruction, hands-on gym training, and professional development time.

One thing most people don't know about personal training is the relationships you build with your clients. You become friends and mentors for most. They confide in their trainers, and Chad holds his clients accountable for their setbacks. Their goals become Chad's goals. Because of this Chad strives just as hard for them as he would for himself. Honestly, he strives more for them because he loves seeing them reach goals. 

Lastly, Chad has coordinated and lead sports camps in North Vietnam on five separate occasions where they taught the fundamentals of various different sports to PE teachers and children. This opened the door for Chad and his wife to start a children’s home in Uganda, Africa. Chad would love for you to learn more about how you can help Battleground Fitness impact the lives of children there. Simply visit